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How to Survive Holiday Travelers

Each year we aviators, especially commercial airline employees navigate the dreaded holiday travel season

While we know #HolidayFlying is less than ideal, here are some tips we have compiled from Krew Konnect's community on how you can survive this holiday travel season:

  1. Pre-plan with your #Krew : just because you are flying doesn't mean flying has to be lonely. Whether you know your Krew or not, reach out to them in advance via their company email address and try and coordinate some holiday fun. This could be a potluck (great for ground employees) or getting tickets to an attraction in the town (awesome for above wing employees). By doing so you are taking your holiday back in your hands and making the most of it with people who can 100% empathize with your plight as they too are experiencing it.

  2. Giving Spirit: if your budget allows giving on holidays is a great way to bring in the holiday cheer and show your appreciation for your fellow aviator. Curious on what this would look like? Roll that beautiful bean footage: [insert jfk holiday giveaway video]


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