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the KREW

Since 2015,

Krew Konnect has been focused on

improving the mental health and wellness of aviation professionals from around the world. 


We are a social club tailored for modern-day aviators; providing our members with lifestyle resources, social events, and our innovative new crashpad solution! In all that we do, we help connect aviators across company lines. From pilots to ramp agents and everyone in between, #JoinTheKrew

Krew Konnect is currently raising capital to develop our signature Klub Houses


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Letter from Our Founder: 


"Greetings Aviators, 


It is with great excitement and pride that I bring to you an innovative social community tailored specifically for aviation professionals! Krew Konnect was created to fill a void within the aviation community: connecting aviation professionals across company lines.


I currently fly for a legacy carrier however my career began with a low-cost carrier in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. My experience at both airlines made me realize that aviators are more alike than we are different. Our schedules, hurdles, desires, and concerns all mirror one another.


So in 2015, I created Krew Konnect, a social club tailored to the mental health & wellness of aviation professionals; providing its members with key resources like lifestyle education, housing solutions, and most notably, access to some pretty cool social events.

To date, we have connected over 60,000 aviators online and over 600+ aviators in person!


It is for everyday aviators like you and me that I have created Krew Konnect; to be the bridge between aviators seeking to socialize, learn, and travel together in cool new ways! 

It is my personal belief that it takes a remarkable individual to endure what, we as aviators, face daily.

This lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Only those of us living it can truly understand. It is my hope that through Krew Konnect we can foster an environment of education, support, and connection.



I want to encourage aviators to seize every opportunity to connect and learn from one another.

Whether it is our Klub House or Signature Events we have been and

will continue to give aviators around the world reasons to #JoinTheKrew 

Thank you for betting on me and my crazy dream, I am eager to start this phenomenal journey with you!


Peace, Love & Travel,


Brenda Orelus

Founder & Owner


"My biggest benefit ... is being able to openly discuss with other aviators my everyday life & struggles "

- Hollis, Cabin Crew | NYC

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