Why Pay for Membership:

Krew Konnect

has served the aviation community for 5 years for free. Our Brand ambassadors volunteered their time to organize socials for aviators around the world, our founder financed all promotional campaigns and events herself, yes even the one on the authentic Pan-Am set. Haha.


We did so because we know how necessary a community like Krew Konnect is to the aviation community. A safe place for all workgroups to come and get their unique needs met.


Now, as we grow and expand to take on more impactful projects, like our innovative rest and recreational centers, funding is one of the essential pillars to completion.


Krew Konnect uses membership dues to finance state of the art resources, compensate our production team, and continue development on our innovative new crashpad solution.


Paid membership ensures we are able to consistently offer aviators: quality solutions, awe-worthy social events and industry-leading seminars to help improve their overall mental health and wellness. 

Accepting membership dues allows us to do the necessary work to improve our community without compromising our values. 

-Krew Konnect-