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Krew Konnect's staff is made up of active airline employees. Who else could curate trips and host events for aviators if not AVIATORS THEMSELVES! Know that each event, trip, or digital content you get from us has come from the the minds of your fellow aviators. 

Get to know your staff below.


Brenda Orelus

Founder & Owner 

Aviators, it is with great excitement and pride that I bring to you an innovative travel community tailored just for us! I created Krew Konnect to fill a void within the aviation community: connecting crew members across company lines. 


I currently fly for a legacy carrier however my career began with a low cost carrier in Ft. Lauderdale. My experience at both airlines made me realize that we all are more alike than we are different. Our schedules, hurdles, desires, and concerns all mirror one another.


I’ll always be grateful for my start with the low cost carrier; as I likely would not have made the leap into aviation had they not been hiring in my home town. I remember early on in my application process day dreaming at my desk job of how incredible it would be to don my crisp new uniform, sashay down the terminal, luggage in tow, catching a flight to some big city. I was nothing less that smitten with the idea of becoming an aviator, as many of us were during those glorious early days. Those day-dreams, in fact,  were what carried me through not one, but TWO initial training programs in less than a year! Crazy, I know. But it is incredible what you can accomplish when your passion is running high.

Thankfully that passion has only continued to grow and has led me to you! It is for aviators like yourself that I have created Krew Konnect, to build a bridge between you, myself and all other aviators seeking to get the most out of life. It is my personal belief that it takes a remarkable individual to endure what we as aviators face daily. This lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Only those of us living it can truly understand and relate to our thoughts, concerns, and desires. 

Thanks for logging on, I am eager to start this phenomenal journey with you! 


xoxo -Brenda 


Jeffrey Agno

Creative Director

"Miami Flight Attendant Jeffrey Chin has been flying since June 2016. Prior to becoming a flight attendant he worked for various positions in the retail industry and has a passion for art, focusing on printmaking/mix media works and dabbles in the culinary field whenever he gets the chance. He “Joined the Krew” soon after he started flying through Krew Konnect’s Instagram page.


Since then he has met a diverse group of people all with their own story to tell. He feels as though the aviation industry is like one big family no matter which airline we work for.
“We just look out for each other in any way possible. We’re all in this together.”


In working with Krew Konnect he hopes to bridge together the gap between not only the various companies, but the work
groups within each as well.


Melvin Williams

Pilot/Mechanic Outreach 

“What’s good Krew! I’m Mel, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Based in ATL and I’ve been in the aviation industry for 11 years as a mechanic and now a maintenance instructor!  I met Brenda working an aircraft in ATL and she was full of spunk and character! I fell in love with the idea of Krew Konnect and wanted to be apart of something special!

Alyssa Woodruff

Sponsorship Coordinator

"Hello friends! My name is Alyssa. I’m a small town girl who just really wanted to know what else was out in the world, so I hopped on a plane and never looked back! I’ve been a flight attendant for the past three years, and I’ve been based in breathtaking New York City since day one.


It was actually at the JFK airport that I first met our fearless leader, Brenda! I was waiting out my standby assignment, she was waiting for her delayed flight. We started talking, and when she told me about Krew Konnect, I knew two things instantly: 1.) It was an incredible idea that there was a huge need for, and 2.) I wanted to be as involved as possible.


I’m so happy to be a part of this team! What excites me most about Krew Konnect is the amazing network we’re creating! The number one thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that we all need a solid support system, and that just isn’t very easy to create at 35,000 feet.


I love the idea of building relationships across different airlines and different aviation jobs. I can’t wait to meet each one of you, make some wonderful memories, and welcome you to the Krew!"


Judi Julmisse

Chief Administator

Hey Krew! I am a Miami native - born and raised in Dade County. I love to travel like my fellow krew mates. Unlike everyone else, I am not in aviation. Crazy, I know. I have my background in hospitality and tourism management. I'm not a total random, ha! While everyone is in the sky, I am the one helping them feel grounded. I am the support while my friends are off to the next flight. I cannot wait to help bring the aviation community a place to connect across airlines. Look forward to meeting all the new #KrewMembers. Hope to be traveling with you all soon! 

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