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Brunch &

Day Parties

NYC //


60 aviators from 6 different airlines all came to #JoinTheKrew! Flight attendants, student pilots, and even an engineer! That's what we call a #KrewKonnect!

A few years ago, we started doing something pretty cool.

We connected aviators in different cities, over BRUNCH! We called it: 

The #Summer17BrunchTour!


It. Was. Amazing.


Flight attendants, pilots, gate agents, engineers, ramp agents & more!

We brought aviators together from all over the world to socialize together. 

Our brunch series was so well received, each event turned into an unofficial day party! 

So this year we are keeping it going with our Brunch AND Day Parties! 


This signature event gives you TWO parties in ONE!


Brunch in the early afternoon followed up by a vibrant day party into the evening. 


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