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Improving the mental health & wellness of aviators through

innovative housing solutions, social events & lifestyle resources.

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Aviation Relief Fund

Donate and share the Aviation Relief Fund to help alleviate the financial impact Covid-19  is having on airline employees.

Every donation helps immensely.


100% of money raised will go directly to frontline employees who have suffered great financial loss due to industry wide cut backs. During these uncertain times, Krew Konnect is doing out part to ease some of the stress our members are experiencing. 

krew konnect's



The Future of Airline Crashpads

Our Signature Rest and Recreation Centers. 

Krew Konnect is raising capital for our innovative crashpad housing model! Think Soho House meets We work. 


A Quality, Members Only Environment Designed for Av-Pros.

Our Klub Houses will operate as crashpads, resource centers, and recreational centers, exclusive to aviation professionals. Exactly what the modern-day aviator needs! Here at Krew Konnect,  our goal is to help aviators thrive in our unique lifestyle! 

Our Klub Houses

The road to building our Klub House has been filled with feedback and input from aviators just like you! Commuters and non-commuters alike came together to help Krew Konnect create a space ideal for both their needs. We want to thank you for your input, it shaped the resources we are now making available through our signature rest and recreational centers. With our Klub Houses, we want to raise the standard of living for the modern aviator. One city at a time.


Watch the videos below to see what to expect in our Klub House!

Krew Konnect Brand Ambassadors on Set
Here's How We Did It

The Problem

The Research

The Solution

Klub House


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Members will enjoy two

complimentary meals a day as well as complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Complimentary Meals
Verified Aviators
Health & Wellness

rest assured that all our members are

aviation professionals and have proven

their employment status with Krew Konnect. 

Health and wellness professionals

will be available in-house periodically to

educate and assist our members,

Social & Netwroking

Members will have access to networking and social events, educational resources and seminars tailored to their needs and concerns.

Mobile Booking

Easily check our availability and 

book your stay or day pass with the help of our mobile application.

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